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Top 3 Resume Mistakes People Make

CareersandCareers 25 June, 2020

During a job hunt, your resume should become your new best friend. Your resume needs to be a bit of an obsession for a while. Despite the importance of the resume, people continue to make deal-breaking mistakes with this document. Keep reading to learn about the top 3 resume mistakes that people make. 

Not Creating a Resume

There is a myth floating around that the resume is not really that big of a deal anymore. This is simply not true. If you are putting in an application that requests a resume, that means you should submit a resume. Failing to include a resume can get you a quick rejection. With a resume, you will at least make it past the introductory view. 

Vague Details

Your resume should be very detailed and very direct. Do not be vague with work history locations and dates. List exactly when you started and when you stopped working at that location. Be very detailed on your duties at your last job. Be very detailed concerning your skillset. Do not use fluff to make a skill sound more compelling than it really is or to make your experience sound more in-depth than it really was. Once you sit down for an interview, the facts will come out anyway. Be honest and detailed in the beginning. 

Listing Obvious Skills

Today, listing skills such as Word, Excel, or any skills in the Office Suite are not as impressive as they once were. Most hiring managers assume everyone knows these skills. Those skills will not make you stand out in the current job market. Get up to date on more in-demand skills and highlight those. Have you been trained in these skills? How did you use them at your last job? 

Having a great resume is the very basic first step in your job search. If you do not get down the resume, you will never get your job search off on the right foot.