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Tips for Completing a Successful Video Interview

CareersandCareers 19 December, 2019

As time passes, more businesses are starting to use technological processes to conduct hiring tasks. Video interviews are becoming more popular because they save time and money and prevent hassle for their applicants. You'll want to do your best if you ever have to complete a video interview. Here are some tips you can use. 

Dress to Impress

You should dress for a video interview the same way that you would dress for an in-person event. You should wear business casual attire and give your hair and makeup a professional appearance. Don't forget to smile as you answer each question. 

Use Appropriate Vocabulary

You'll need to use perfect vocabulary and grammar when you take your video interview. A video session is just as important as an in-person session is because the interviewer will be notating various aspects of it. Make sure you avoid using filler words such as "um," "like," and so on. Use professional terminology and verbiage, as well. 

Look in the Camera's Eye

Finally, you will need to look directly into the camera as you speak. Pretend that the interviewing person is right in front of you, and look into his or her eyes. This will present an air of confidence in your speech, and it will increase your potential employer's level of trust. Make sure that you maintain proper posture while you are talking, and always keep yourself smiling in the process. Your pleasant demeanor and proper posture will speak volumes to the company that's evaluating you for hire. 

Those are just a few tips that can help you go far with your video session. You can increase your chances of getting bumped to the top of the hiring list if you use the tips mentioned below. Remember that the interview is your chance to prove that you are unique. Give it your best shot.