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Three Signs It's Time to Let Your Job Go

CareersandCareers 21 December, 2020

Some jobs are meant to be long-term careers, and some are meant to last for only a season. You're supposed to learn some lessons and skills from those jobs and use them in your next journey. These are three ways you can tell that it's time to let your job go.

You Don't Feel Challenged

A loss of challenges might be a sign that your job has run its course. You may want to reevaluate your purpose there if you've come to a dead-end for learning new skills.

You Can't Advance

You may need to move on if you've been at your current position for a significant time, and you've found that you can't advance. This is especially true if you meet the promotion qualifications, and you've been turned down more than twice. That may be a sign that your employer has different plans for you, and those plans don't align with the vision you have for yourself.

The Environment Feels Stale

Finally, you will feel it in your heart and your stomach when you've come to the end of the road at a place of employment. That feeling of giddiness and joy you had when you first started will disappear. You won't see anything bright in your future there. You'll only see miles of a dull gray color. Don't be discouraged if you reach this point. It may be that your current job served its purpose in teaching you something, and now it's time for you to advance to the next level. The next level isn't always at the same place of employment, however.

It may be time for you to depart if you've experienced all or any of the above-mentioned situations. You might have grown out of your job and need to push forward toward something more fruitful.