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Should You Hire a Resume Service?

CareersandCareers 26 July, 2019

The competition to land a job today can be stiff in some fields. Job seekers are desperate to find ways to stand out. This can be very difficult when the very first impression you will make in the HR department is likely based on your resume.

Can the average person even create a good enough resume for today's standards? There are hundreds of thousands of companies designed specifically to help you create a great resume, but are they worth it? More importantly will they help or hurt your chances at landing the job?

Great For Some

The truth is professional resume writing services are a great idea for some people but a terrible idea for others. If, for instance, you are applying for a job that is heavy on writing responsibilities, then job recruiters will be using your resume to judge your writing abilities. If your resume was written by someone else, then they are not getting a clear picture of your skills. Resume writing services are usually a good idea for people who have weak writing skills and are not applying for jobs that require strong writing skills.

Pros and Cons

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to these types of services. These services can take a huge load off your mind by taking your information and formatting it accurately and professionally. However, there will be certain things missing. For instance a resume writing service cannot accurately display your personality in your resume the way you could yourself. Many HR professionals look for personality and creativity in resumes as well as facts concerning your skills and qualifications.

Making that first, great impression may feel intimidating, but there are creative ways to overcome this obstacle. Many people find that a great middle ground is to hire a resume writing service to create a basic resume. They then take that basic resume and tweak it to reflect more personality and to customize it to each job they are applying for. This method proves to be very effective.