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Introverted? Tips for Surviving a Social Work Place

CareersandCareers 23 October, 2020

Introverts like their space. They like to have time to think, to process, and recharge their batteries away from people. When introverts are working in a highly social workplace, they can find their days to be draining, their focus off, and their productivity down. So, what can introverts do if they find themselves in a highly social work environment? Keep reading to find out.

Mentally Prepare

The main thing that introverts find draining is to be ambushed with interactions they are not prepared for. Getting yourself mentally prepared for the interactions that await you at work can go a long way toward insulating your energy stores and protecting your sanity. It is better to go ahead and prepare for the barrage of interactions, rather than wishing they wouldn't happen. That just sets you up for disappointment. Rehearse to yourself what you expect will happen, and then create a plan of action. If you know a certain person will strike up an unwanted conversation with you every day in the break room, make some alone time for yourself in the bathroom right afterward. If lunchtime feels especially stressful for you, see if you can eat lunch in your car, or better yet plan to take a walking lunch so that you can also sneak in a little exercise.

Plan After Work Decompression

If you are finding that your workplace interactions are really taking a toll on you, make sure you are planning an after-work decompression period. This is extremely important for introverted people. Carve yourself out 30 minutes to simply drive around alone. Listen to your favorite music. Grab your favorite drink. Turn off your phone, and recharge your "alone time" batteries.

Being introverted can make work challenging at times. Follow these simple tips to ease the impact of working in a highly social workplace.