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How to Write a Job-Winning Social Media Profile on LinkedIn

CareersandCareers 30 September, 2020

LinkedIn is the "go-to" social media network for job seekers to present a professional profile to the world and make connections within your industry. Unfortunately, failing to write an effective profile can have you leaving opportunities on the table. These tips will help you write a job-winning profile on LinkedIn.

Highlight Your Professional Experience

Only include past jobs that are relevant to your current career goals. Use action verbs to describe your skills and use numbers when possible to show past results and to relay your potential value to prospective employers.

Invest in a Professional Headshot and Use It

Social media is, by and large, a visual medium. Employers like to put a face to the name and a professional headshot will win far more favor with potential employers than the typical social media snaps and selfies.

Write a Compelling Summary

This is your opportunity to share things that are outside the scope of your professional experience but that highlights the benefits you bring to the table for a hiring company. Be sure to use various industry keywords and career highlights in the summary. Also, remember to keep it brief. Otherwise many will skip the reading entirely.

Let Your Personality Shine

While resumes are often clinical, "Just the facts" endeavors, the same is not true of your LinkedIn profile. In fact, showcasing your personality may let potential employers know that you might be an excellent fit for the present company culture or the culture they're attempting to cultivate.

It is true, there is no one size fits all profile for LinkedIn or any social media networks, paying adequate attention to the details listed above can help you write a job-winning LinkedIn profile.