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How to Use Instagram to Learn About Potential Jobs

CareersandCareers 19 February, 2020

A variety of factors play into your decision to apply for a particular job. Salary, benefits, and word of mouth often lead the way, but have you stopped to consider how social media might reflect on your preferred position?

Before you apply, take some time to scour your intended employer's Instagram page. You just might be surprised by what you find.

Look For Posts About Company Culture

From office images to recaps of company picnics, many businesses use Instagram to reveal the unique qualities that set them apart. These posts aim to give customers a better impression of the work that underscores top products and services — or to convince prospective employees such as yourself to apply.

Some posts will be carefully posed and filtered, but others may have a more natural feel. Look to Instagram Stories for the most authentic impression of your prospective workplace.

Examine Employee Recognition Efforts

Does your intended employer highlight top professionals on Instagram? This is often a go-to option for recognizing the employee of the month or the recipient of some other important award. 

If possible, examine several employee recognition posts for patterns. This will help you determine which qualities a particular employer values most — and which are worth talking up during future interviews.

Take Instagram With a Grain of Salt

Workplace Instagram pages can be enlightening, but ultimately, they portray what companies want you and other followers to see. Not all accounts will provide an accurate impression of the businesses they represent.

Take your time to examine Instagram content, but don't assume that it reflects the true reality of your future work setting. This can only be determined through a comprehensive analysis of multiple sources. Still, your efforts to learn more via Instagram could provide valuable insights that lend you an edge as you apply and interview for your dream job.