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How to Turn Your Love of Fitness into Your Dream Job

CareersandCareers 24 August, 2020

For some people getting in shape is a huge challenge. For others, fitness is their lifelong passion. If you fall into that second group, the good news is not only will your passion keep you healthy and in shape, but it could also be a great career opportunity for you as well. Keep reading to find out how you can turn your love of fitness into your dream job. 

Become a Fitness Trainer

You may see the fitness trainers at your gym and think you could never achieve that. The truth is, though, not too long ago every one of those trainers were just like you. They had gotten themselves in shape and they wanted to learn how to help others do that too. Most fitness trainers can earn their certifications in less than 2 years. Another great thing about this career is that you do not need a gig at a gym in order to start making money. You can start taking on individual clients immediately. 

Start A Kids' Gym Class 

With so many people homeschooling today, starting a kids' gym class is a great way to start earning extra money while sharing your love of fitness with others. If you are not a certified trainer, that's okay. Be sure to tell parents this. Instead of a certification you will want to sell your fitness story to them and your passion for sharing fitness with kids. Leading children in safe fitness games and easy exercises does not require special certification. Secure a space, advertise your services and share your love of fitness with another generation while making money at the same time. 

Getting in shape and staying in shape is a special kind of talent. Consider these money making opportunities if you love fitness.