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How to Handle Workplace Gossip With Grace

CareersandCareers 17 February, 2021

Gossiping is one of the most destructive acts in the workplace. It can ruin people's working relationships and cause a lot of strife and confusion.

Furthermore, it can make you take the focus off your job. Here are some things you can do if you experience gossiping:

Walk Away

The best way to handle workplace gossip is to walk away. You risk someone involving you in it if you stick around while other people are gossiping. You may not have anything to do with it, but the gossipers might drag you into it to save themselves or to stir up trouble. That can't happen if you keep to yourself.

Change the Subject

You might be blindsided by unexpected gossip one day. Sometimes, coworkers test their colleagues by bringing them gossip that directly involves them. Other times, malicious gossips do that to facilitate negative responses and confusion. You can reject the gossip subtly by changing the subject the moment someone approaches you with such nonsense.

Don't Acknowledge It

Don't ever feel that you owe it to anyone to confirm or deny gossip. You don't owe anyone in your workplace anything. The only thing you owe is a shift of working hours, and you'll receive payment for that shift at the end of the week. Other than that, you can decide who to speak to and who to hang with. You can also decide what information can upset you and what information can't. Refuse to participate or offer any information about your emotions when other people bring you "rumors." You can refuse subtly, or you can tell them flat-out that you're not comfortable with the conversation context.

Avoid Workplace Gossip Today

Take the actions mentioned above you feel like your job has become a place for gossip. You'll have a much smoother work experience if you focus on your work tasks and steer clear of the trouble.