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How Frequently Should You Search for Jobs?

Careers and Careers 15 July, 2021

Knowing how often you should search for work can be confusing. These are some tips that will help you to gauge how much effort you should put into your work search:

Use Unemployment Guidelines

One simple way to know how frequently you should search for work is to use the guidelines set by your local unemployment office. Most unemployment offices require unemployed workers to search for work two or three times a week. These people must submit proof that they reached out to employers and attempted to get jobs. You can use those guidelines and see if you're comfortable with them.

Do It When You Can

You could use a free-spirit method and apply for jobs whenever you have the time to do it. Sometimes, that method produces many more searches than other methods do. If you're unemployed and don't have any family obligations, you could also make your work search like a full-time job. You can spend eight hours a day sending applications, tweaking your resume, and connecting with a network of employers and associates. You'll be likely to find a job much sooner than later if you do it that way.

Go By the Number of Calls You Get

Another way you could decide is by observing the number of calls you get for interviews. A lack of calls could indicate that your work search isn't vigorous enough. You might want to ramp it up a bit more. It could also be that something is amiss with your resume. Consider all of these factors and then act accordingly in your search for employment.

Use the tips mentioned above to navigate your work search journey. You should be able to find a suitable source of employment very quickly if you use those methods. Stay confident and keep pushing for success.