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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Career

CareersandCareers 29 August, 2019

When you think of career skills, you are probably thinking of things like interviewing skills, writing a resume, and networking. These are all very important career skills, but there is another very ignored skilled that has a great impact on your career and overall success.

I am talking about mindset skills. Your mindset is the single most influential thing in your short term and long term success.

What is Mindset?

Mindset is your personal attitude about anything. Your mindset will affect how you do everything, and it will also affect your emotional responses to everything happening to you. When put in this light, can you see why mindset is so important to your success?

How to Control Your Mindset

Many people think that they are simply at the mercy of their attitude or their emotions. They think they have no real control over what is going on in their heads. This is absolutely not true. Your thoughts are just thoughts. They can be dismissed. Emotions that are not beneficial can also be dismissed. You program your brain, your brain does not program you. If you want to be more positive and more productive, you can be. You simply dismiss the thoughts or emotions that are not moving you toward that goal, and you replace them with intentional thoughts that will move you toward that goal. As you keep on insisting to only keep certain types of thoughts going in your mind, your emotions will eventually catch up and start reacting to the new thoughts.

Never fool yourself into believing that you are just a helpless victim of your thoughts, emotions or the actions of others. You are always the one in control. When you embrace this power you can change many aspects of your life, including your career.