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Can You Work For Amazon From Home?

CareersandCareers 29 April, 2020

Amazon is probably one of, if not the largest retailers on the planet. They are noted for providing top pay and benefits to their employees. So, a lot of people want to know if you can work for Amazon from home. The answer is yes! Amazon offers a lot of work from home positions for a wide variety of employees. 

What Kind of Work Can I Do For Amazon From Home?

If you visit Amazon's Virtual Locations page you can find a complete listing of available positions. The most coveted work from home position for most people is an Amazon Customer Service Rep. This position requires very little experience yet provides great pay and benefits. Amazon usually only fills these positions on a seasonal basis. They will bring in new customer service reps during the holiday shopping season. If you prove to be a quality employee during this temporary employment you may be offered a permanent position. 

Another popular type of job offered through Amazon is Flex Delivery. These Amazon delivery people can apply and get hired quickly. Qualifications are easy to meet and you have the ability to set your own hours. 

How Much Can I Make Working For Amazon

The pay rates vary greatly between positions. Customer Service Reps can start out at approximately $11 per hour. There is the potential to move up to Customer Service Management positions which pay significantly more. Flex Delivery drivers report making between $18 - 25 per hour.

Amazon provides a huge variety of positions for employees of all types of backgrounds and experience levels. It is useful to check the Amazon Virtual Locations page often for newly posted job openings.