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5 Signs You're About to be Fired

CareersandCareers 23 May, 2019

It’s always better to resign a job than get fired. The trouble is, sometimes you get fired before you have a chance to resign. There are usually warning signs, though. Here are the five warning signs of an imminent firing.

1. Your Boss Stops Giving You New Projects

If your inbox is getting light and your boss is assigning new projects to everyone but you, you’re probably getting fired soon. The boss won’t want you to have anything to do with long-term projects because you won’t be around long enough to see them through.

2. Your Boss Won’t Look You in the Eye

When your boss has plans to let you go, there may be some guilt attached. The boss might not be able to look you in the eye without fear that you’ll catch on too soon.

3. You Recently Lost the Company a Lot of Money

Is there a reason to fire you, such as a recent big mistake? Chances are your boss or even the higher ups aren’t going to risk you screwing up yet again. Best to dust off your resume now and get some new job leads in the pipeline.

4. You’re Being Left Out of Meetings

Do you have the office almost to yourself while everyone else is in closed-door meetings? That’s a sign you’re being edged out. A firing is probably in your near future.

5. HR Wants to Meet With You

There’s a lot of paperwork when employees are fired. Your boss may ask HR to meet with you to ensure that you can’t make any claims against the company when you get fired.

If you have two or more of the above signs going on where you work, it’s time to seriously think about resigning before you get fired.