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3 Jobs in the Automotive Field That You Might Enjoy

CareersandCareers 18 January, 2021

The automotive industry is one that has a promising future and lots of stability. It's not one that's likely to suffer a dry spell in job openings. It might be the perfect job for you if you're interested in cars. These are three entry-level positions you can obtain if you'd like to enter the field:

Tire and Lube Technician

Tire and lube technicians get to work on two areas of automobiles. They perform tasks such as tire installations, flat repairs, and wheel balancing. These tasks have to do with the suspension system in a vehicle. These technicians also change the oil. The oil filter and oil pan are integral parts of the lower-end engine assembly. Getting a job as such a technician will put you at an excellent starting point. You can learn much more about vehicles if you obtain a position at a shop that performs work on other vehicular systems.

Service Writer

A service writer does not perform work on the vehicles. The service writer is the middle person who communicates with the customers and the technicians. This person inputs work orders, suggests services, and takes the payments from the customers. The service writer must have excellent customer service skills as well as computer skills and communication skills.

Parts Specialist

Parts specialists order parts that the auto shop needs and keeps an inventory of such parts. A parts specialist may also put together orders for deliveries and sell parts to customers who come into the store. As a parts specialist, you'll learn a wealth of information about various car parts and how they differ from one vehicle to the next.

Consider applying for one of these amazing jobs if automotive is your field of interest. You go far in the industry, and you can have a long future with such a job.