Career Advice

Why You Should Take A Career Quiz Today?

CareersandCareers September 25, 2019

You might think the hardest part of finding a job would be writing a resume or sitting through a stressful interview. For most people, though, the hardest part of getting their career off the ground is figuring out what that career was going to be in the first place.

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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Career

CareersandCareers August 29, 2019

When you think of career skills, you are probably thinking of things like interviewing skills, writing a resume, and networking. These are all very important career skills, but there is another very ignored skilled that has a great impact on your career and overall success.

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Should You Hire a Resume Service?

CareersandCareers July 26, 2019

The competition to land a job today can be stiff in some fields. Job seekers are desperate to find ways to stand out. This can be very difficult when the very first impression you will make in the HR department is likely based on your resume.

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How to Become a Better Salesperson

CareersandCareers June 25, 2019

Sales is a field that can earn you a lot of money if you become an expert at closing deals. These are three suggestions that can boost your potential and help you become the best salesperson you can be.

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5 Signs You're About to be Fired

CareersandCareers May 23, 2019

It’s always better to resign a job than get fired. The trouble is, sometimes you get fired before you have a chance to resign. There are usually warning signs, though. Here are the five warning signs of an imminent firing.

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