Career Advice

How to Use Instagram to Learn About Potential Jobs

CareersandCareers February 19, 2020

A variety of factors play into your decision to apply for a particular job. Salary, benefits, and word of mouth often lead the way, but have you stopped to consider how social media might reflect on your preferred position?  

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3 Lessons You Can Learn From a Job Loss

CareersandCareers January 20, 2020

Losing a job can be depressing. No doubt about that. However, there are important lessons that you can learn from any experience in life. A job loss is no different. If you take the time to objectively evaluate the situation you can learn some important things. 

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Tips for Completing a Successful Video Interview

CareersandCareers December 19, 2019

As time passes, more businesses are starting to use technological processes to conduct hiring tasks. Video interviews are becoming more popular because they save time and money and prevent hassle for their applicants. You'll want to do your best if you ever have to complete a video interview. Here are some tips you can use. 

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Top 3 Mistakes People Make During An Interview

CareersandCareers November 25, 2019

Once you've made it as far as the interview, you might be tempted to think you can just relax because you've got this job. This is not the case. Although you should not be overly nervous, you also should not relax to the point that you think the process is over.

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Jobs That Are Full of Action

CareersandCareers October 24, 2019

You might be a person who needs constant excitement and action on your job to stay interested. Landing an action-packed job may be the best way for you to avoid falling asleep. The following are some jobs that may interest you and keep your fire burning. 

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