Career Advice

How to Handle Spiteful Coworkers

CareersandCareers November 24, 2020

No matter where you work or what your profession is, spiteful coworkers will always exist. There will be people who might want to see you get in trouble or lose your job. These are three things you must do to keep yourself in a good position at work at all times.

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Introverted? Tips for Surviving a Social Work Place

CareersandCareers October 23, 2020

Introverts like their space. They like to have time to think, to process, and recharge their batteries away from people. When introverts are working in a highly social workplace, they can find their days to be draining, their focus off, and their productivity down. So, what can introverts do if they find themselves in a highly social work environment? Keep reading to find out.

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How to Write a Job-Winning Social Media Profile on LinkedIn

CareersandCareers September 30, 2020

LinkedIn is the "go-to" social media network for job seekers to present a professional profile to the world and make connections within your industry. Unfortunately, failing to write an effective profile can have you leaving opportunities on the table. These tips will help you write a job-winning profile on LinkedIn.

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How to Turn Your Love of Fitness into Your Dream Job

CareersandCareers August 24, 2020

For some people getting in shape is a huge challenge. For others, fitness is their lifelong passion. If you fall into that second group, the good news is not only will your passion keep you healthy and in shape, but it could also be a great career opportunity for you as well. Keep reading to find out how you can turn your love of fitness into your dream job.

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Can You Be Fired for Attendance During a Pandemic?

CareersandCareers July 21, 2020

The pandemic has brought forth a variety of struggles that employers and employees have to work their way through. One such problem is attendance. Workers call out for a variety of reasons such as personal illness, family member care, COVID-19 concerns, and emergencies.

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